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ABOUT: Zac Scott is a Glasgow based singer/songwriter who has just completed creating his first album “For The Love Of…” - a collection of very memorable and powerful pop songs dedicated to Scotland and Iceland. Working with producer Thomas Brumby and a core group of musicians - Cameron Black, Stuart Macpherson, Sarah McWhinney, Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir, Kenny Cormack and Grace Dale - the album comprises of 12 tracks that blend acoustic piano, intimate and layered vocals, double bass, cello, violin, drums and electric guitars to create a unique and evocative sound.

FIRST RELEASE: June 7th 2019
Fox” is Zac’s first release from his new work.

Check out the Official Music Video below (Directed by Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and shot by Bence Daniel Lazar)

Fox - Single Artwork (Layla Rose)
I managed to spot a fox outside the my tenement window in Glasgow’s Southside one evening. It was doing the rounds, checking the perimeters of this “well ken’t” back street of Pollokshields and inspecting rubbish for scraps of food. It was clearly well versed, streetwise and eager to please – moving with such elegance and prestige. For the next three nights, I kept watch out the window at spare opportunities and often managed to sneak a peak at sometimes one, sometimes two foxes together – looking and inspecting throughout the street before shooting off. It inspired a song which is essentially a night-time confession about the road-worn identities we sometimes cling to and the sly pretence of it all.”
— Zac Scott - Inspiration behind "Fox"