“By the way, that statistic I cited earlier – 80% of what you teach is who you are – is a made-up number. That invented percentage captures the actual truth that whatever the teaching techniques, whatever the words or activities, it is the understandings and spirit of the individual teacher that spark the potential to transform others. “ (Booth, E. pg 4, 2009)

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I had the privilege of fulfilling a 6-week secondment at Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute in New York City. I had the opportunity to further develop my Teaching Artistry through observing the many programs that operate in the city as well as having the opportunity to co-ordinate a songwriting project with artists Chad Harper (Hip-Hop Saves Lives), Bridget Barkan and Brown Rice Family at Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center, Brooklyn. It allowed me to question the intentions behind my inclusive mindset. I had the chance to hone in on my ideas behind what inclusion could mean by meeting up with various arts educators and advocates in the City.